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We were doing some site review this morning and we were honestly shocked at the results.

First - thanks to all of the people over the past year and a half who have chosen our product as their Dirty Board Game of choice!  The repeat purchases and number of new customers has kept us pretty busy.

Here is what shocked us this morning.  We did a simple web search on the term "Dirty Board" and found ourselves at the top of the search results.  Now, I don't know if this will stick over the next few months or even days - but, traffic has been relatively consistent - so, I can't imagine any horrendously significant change.

Purchases over the past 18 months caused us to push ourselves to keep stock in place - I think that is a good indicator that our customers like what we are doing.

We feel very fortunate that our product is selling so well.  We owe it all to our customers - the ones that come back and our new customers who come here to get our product.  For this reason, we are running a short-term customer appreciation sale.  We will bundle Konane and Jack's Rule games in a single package for $37.99 for registered customers.  That is a savings of more than 25%.  Konane games will be either peg-based or stone-based depending on availability and in-stock.

Just so everyone knows, we have limited inventory of both these games. Once we are sold out or on Aug 19, 2020, this sale ends.  You can find this offer here

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  • I feel that this game is too small. I played on one that was larger and I liked it better. It makes it easier for all players to get to the board whereas this one is hard for everyone to reach. Do you make a larger version?

    L. Smart on

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