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This blog is dedicated to Dirty Board - the game.  Our Winners & Losers Dirty Board game is our flagship product.

For those players desiring a standardized set of rules, we include those with each board purchased or you can view them here

For those familiar with the game, they know the hours of enjoyment they have had playing as teams or individuals.  Dirty board can be enjoyed by anywhere from 2 to 8 players and is enjoyed by all ages (reading cards and counting to at least 12 is required).

Dirty Board Games do not require tremendous levels of strategy and can therefore be played as an enjoyable social event.That is not to say that it is not a competitive game (it is!) and with very little effort, teams can employ their own brand of strategy.

Clubs and large social gatherings will offer opportunities for competitive tournaments and contests where teams can pit themselves against other teams to become champion players.

RV clubs and organizations are a great venue for Winners & Losers Dirty Board competitions.  It is highly recommended that there be a good supply of 8 player games and extra cards to put on a competition. Click here to order the 8 player board.

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