New Year, New Product

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As this is posted, we are traveling and spending some restful time with relatives.

As we enter the new year, we also enter a new chapter for Dirty Board Game.  we are expanding the product line beyond board games and that may be confusing to some of our customers.  We have every intention of continuing to produce and sell Dirty Board games.  We also continue to look for niche markets where we can make a quality product at a fair price.  Glass Toppers is just such a product.  A good portion of this new market is a group of artistic DIY'ers.  We call them artists because we have followed them on social media and seen what they can do with a paper cutter, some glue and a bit of sparkly dust.  It is truly amazing to see the creations of this group of people.  The creations seem to go from simple colored glass toppers to glass topers with dragons or huge sparkling starbursts attached.  It seems if they have a palette, they can make a new and exciting reflection of their own personality. We intend to provide exactly that palette.  with the advent of 3D printing, we are able to provide glass toppers ready for decoration that are thin enough to allow for adding more decoration without having to bother with the technicalities of magnets or topper size/fit. Our glasses toppers are blanks. typically they are printed with crystal/opaque plastics. Both the standard and the hybrid glass toppers are meant to be that palette upon which an artist or individual with glue, paper, or resin skills can present their own design.

So, as we join the world in welcoming a new year, we also present to our visitors and customers a new product line.  Keep an eye out for special designs around different celebrations/holidays!

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