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8 Player Dirty Board

As Promised - here is the newest addition to Dirty Board.  This new board only comes in an 8 player version.  But once we have it added to the store, it will come with the the ability to select an optional center ring.  If purchased, the board will look like:

I used our family name to show the optional text area.  The option will be an additional cost and there will be some limitations.  You can get more information once we have the products fully loaded into the store.

We have really liked the product we have been selling so far.  We feel the Dirty Board games we have delivered so far have been very well made and will last a lifetime (or more).  However, the process for manufacturing on a small scale is restrictive and not sustainable.  These new board are Designed and manufactured using newer 3D printing technologies.

Now faithful blog reader - here is the reward you have been waiting for:  The first 5 buyers will get a 25% discount on the standard board.  Just enter the discount code 3DBoard (discount is limited to one board per purchase)

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