Promised and now delivered...

Posted by Rick Lewis on

Well - you came back to see what the big announcement would be.  Here it is...

As of midnight last night, has a new product to offer - Konane.

What is Konane?  Konane is an ancient Hawaiian two player game.  If you dig into the details (there are plenty online to find), you will discover that successful players of Konane usually have strong analytical and strategic skills (or they are just always extremely lucky).

Yesterday, I promised both a new product announcement as well as a new discount offer.  So, for the first week of Konane sales, all games will be offered at 40% off to registered customers (signing up for the newsletters will register you).

And the magic code for that fantastic discount = Konane40

If you were ever going to buy one of our boards - get in on this discount.  When th boss sees what I have done - the discount will end for sure!

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