The process of creating a board game

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Our family enjoys hours of playing dirty board.  We have played in each other's home, in RVs while on camping trips, on cruise ship vacations and even in motels as we traveled.  It seems every time we gather, we inevitably pull out the dirty board.

One of the family recently found a site that offered the game board and was planning to buy one as a gift.  Unfortunately, it was not what was expected.

This gave us the idea that we should design and manufacture our own version of the game.  Simple - right?  After all, cut a piece of wood, drill a few holes, paint it and grab some golf tees for playing pieces and boom - there it is!  Easy Peasy!!

The truth is, this was a frustrating process and there is a trail of wasted materials in the wake of the final design. What material is best? How do we paint between the lines without it looking like "refrigerator art"? How can we drill and keep the lines as straight as possible? How do we protect the finish?  What should the board actually look like?

When I say there was a trail of wasted material,  It is such an understatement.  If we weren't so hard-headed (passionate?), we probably would have just thrown it all in the scrap heap and moved on. Well, we are hard headed and we had a passion to do something really cool here.  So, after several hundred long hours (I don't know if there is such a thing as a long hour - but we believe it now!) of trial and error, we are proud to present Dirty Board Game board -- Winners & Losers version 1.0 circa 2019.

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