Where have we been?

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Well, we have been busy - manufacturing, selling, delivering and then manufacturing again.  We do it all here at dirtyboardgame.com.  We cut the wood, sand the wood, print the layouts, paint the boards, drill the holes, finish out the product, pack it, ship it and then support it.  There is no overseas manufacturing plant (our garage is our plant).  There is no outside warehouse and shipping company (our den is the warehouse and we hand pack and ship every order). We even manage our online store ourselves.

When you order one of our game boards, you are receiving a made in the USA and shipped from the USA product - with no middleman at all!

So - yep, we have been busy!  However, one would think that something as simple as a short blog sharing thoughts and ideas would be posted often enough to make a really big difference. Well, that "one" would be someone who has control of their procrastination issues (obviously, I do not!).  So, consistent visitor and new customer - welcome back to the blog.  I promise to be more diligent in posting updates and stories revolving around products presented by dirtyboardgame.com.  

In fact (a bit of a tease here) - I will be presenting a new and exciting product in tomorrow's blog.  That particular blog will also have an offer for customer discounts never before seen on dirtyboardgame.com.  So, be sure and bookmark the home page and remind yourself to come back tomorrow after 12:00 PM CST.

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