3D Printed 8 player dirty board game

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This 8 player dirty board game is Manufactured using state of the art 3D printers.  This allows for the ability to define and print in bright/vivid colors.  The material we use is called PLA.  PLA is manufactured using starches from plants such as corn or sugar.  This means the end products are considered Environmentally friendly and sustainable.  All parts and pieces are manufactured in our US Based home office.  These are truly unique products.  You can personalize your purchase by also purchasing a replacement centerpiece with your family name (click here).

We do not print hundreds of these in advance and it takes about 4 days to print and complete a board.  We will build them as orders come in and will keep you updated on your board's manufacturing process.  Colors will vary as we will be making parts with different colors as the opportunity arises.  The board itself will always be gold with a silver ring.  The center piece is silver with the words "Winners & Losers" unless you order the add-on name center-piece.