Fancy Eyes

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Five toppers with five different designs in specific translucent colors:

  • Stars (Pink)
  • Boxes (Green)
  • Hearts (Violet)
  • Arcs (Dark Blue)
  • Circles (Red)

These are printed in translucent and are limited to only these 6 hybrid toppers:

  1. Wandella (Fitzella)
  2. WoWanda (Fitzwanda)
  3. Fiona (Fitzfinley)
  4. LaWanda (Fitzlarkin)
  5. Kwanda (Fitzkirby)
  6. Twanda (Fitztwain)

Printed 1MM thick and since they are translucent, magnets will show (colored frames will impact overall color as well).  Usage of decoration befitting the translucent color or some sort of charm at the magnet point will help with aesthetics.

You will get all five designs in the five colors described above (as shown) in the topper style you choose.