Go Boldly...

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Are you a Trekkie or a Trekker?  There is plenty written on which term best describes the most steadfast of fans.  I would say google it and you might be surprised how much controversy exists around this.  Even though we may have our own opinion - we will allow ours to not be the basis of further controversy and remain open to either term.

These toppers are 3d printed in two colors (black upper and red or blue lower).  They are printed to 1 MM thick.

The insignia and rank are of vinyl attached to the 3d print and then covered with a layer of UV curable Resin. (Top half only prior to May 1st, transitioning to full resin for orders placed after May 1st.)

Still lightweight and able to be curved to fit frames, these are an awesome opportunity to let your inner trekness go on display.

These are made in the style of our hybrids (blends to some).  They are slightly larger than the standard frames. The extra space is needed for the insignia and rank to show with prominence.

Blue/Black of the Science Corp or Red/Black of the Command Corp?