Konane board game

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Konane is an ancient Hawaiian board game.  Somewhat like checkers - but requiring a bit more analytical and strategic thought to win.  Getting the most opponent pieces or having the most remaining pieces is not winning.  You must be the last to jump an opponent to win the game.

Most of the history and instruction found online refers to the pieces as black and white.  Since we designed the game board with pictures we put together, we also decided to go with different colors for the pieces (blue and clear).

This is a two player game - meant to be played in reflective and meditative silence.  Games typically take very little time to complete with successful players have strong analysis and logic skills.  It is as simple as checkers yet as complex as chess in finding a winning strategy.

Game includes:

8x8 board, 64 playing pieces, 2 bags to hold the pieces, instructions and then hours of fun playing time. NO BATTERIES REQUIRED!!!

Your choice - Pieces can be either Black and Silver pegs or Blue and clear stones

Can be played by all ages. 

** Small pieces are included and players under the age of 8 should do so with adult supervision **