Quarter Scale (1:48 1/4) Doll House Kit

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Assembly required.

Houses are printed and packaged when sales are made delivery may take up to two weeks.

This kit is for a 1/4 scale doll house created through the magic of 3D printing. House comes complete with:

  • Interior and exterior doors
  • Interior and exterior window frames
  • Aged red brick bumpy paper for the first floor
  • Built to fit board and batten for the second floor in light gray
  • Bumpy roof shingle pages to cover main roof and all three dormer roofs
  • Fish scale bumpy paper for the dormer walls and third floor end walls
  • Lattice material to cover house base
  • Roof ornamental and gingerbread pieces
  • Porch and stair rails
  • Two sets of interior stairs
  • One wide exterior stair set
  • One narrow exterior stair set
  • Of course all walls and floors!
The following Material comes in white only in the base package:
  • Doors
  • Walls
  • Floors
  • Lattice
  • Window frames
  • Porch rails
  • Roof ornamental and gingerbread pieces
  • Stairs and stair rails
The main portion of the house was printed using PLA.  PLA is an organic, corn-based plastic product.  The walls and floors along with all other PLA pieces and parts can be painted in order for you to get the desired color.  We recommend Testors Acrylic paint found in model departments of hobby stores.
If you want to order certain parts printed in specific colors, we offer those options on our house accessories pages and can be purchased separately.
As mentioned before, this does come as a kit for assembly by the new owner.  There are over 100 parts and pieces to be glued and attached.  Some parts are small and children should be closely supervised around the assembly workspace.

The main photo shows what can be done with some color options chosen and added onto the order.  We chose gray for the roof and light yellow for the fish scale and bright blue for the lattice, porch rails, roof ornaments and gingerbread.

Pictures also include floor coverings and some furniture items that are not part of the kit.