Pre-cut paper cardstock packages

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You want to create your own toppers but you lack the equipment cut into the shape required.  We can help with this.  Buy toppers on our site and now you can select a paper package to go with your purchase.  Each package contain 10 topper cutouts.  Cut to fit the frame of your choice.  Once you receive the pieces, stick the cutout to the blank using the glue or adhesive of your choice.  From there, you can seal or cover the paper/cardstock with whatever medium you have skills (or use this as a learning opportunity to build those skills).  You now have a new set of toppers.

These packages are limited - if you see something exciting - jump fast!!

Don't forget the toppers!

NOTE: Enter the topper style (limit to one style per paper/cardstock package ordered) you would like used for your cut in the "special instructions:" area.