Quarter Scale Trestle Table with Two Benches

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Larger table meant for medieval houses or castle scenes.  Imagine a crowd of unruly knights or vikings from days gone by surrounding this large "plank" table on their plank benches eating their leg of lamb or soup of the day while the chief or king looks on from his throne.  The level of detail includes the look and feel of real wood with separation between planks on both the table and the benches.  Ornate design on table legs reflects probable artisan capabilities of times past.  This particular item comes only in the woody brown and can be sanded, then painted or stained for the best effects.

Table dimensions: Length - 3", Width - 1.25", Height - .8"

Bench dimensions: Length - 3", Width - .55", Height - .52"

Material is a wood-infused plastic that allows for light sanding and then paint or even varnish to complete a realistic look.  Closeup pictures attempt to show detail in the design with tiny bolt heads that appear to hold bases to tops and bolts in the end of the table trestle pole appearing to hold the base together.